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Do you have a special outfit that you can't find the jewelry to match?  Call PCBChristine!

Do you have difficulty finding fabulous earrings because you need special ear wire

(sterling silver, hypoallergenic, clip-ons, etc.)?  Call PCBChristine!

Don't waste another moment scouring through mounds of mass produced gold and silver jewelry.

Not only can you customize the perfect piece of jewelry for you, but you can design pieces

to match the personalities of your loved ones and give the jewelry as a gift.

Avoid going from store to store, wasting valuable time, and contact me today! 

I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Customized Jewelry for All Occasions

Wedding Jewelry & Formal Jewelry

Wedding Favors

Everyday Jewelry

Jewelry for Special Clubs/Organizations

Jewelry for Kids

Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Classes


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